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If you don't have an old unit to send in as a density reference, density chart becomes important. With a density chart, you can order a accurate density to match your age. Most of time, a good density can avoid a hair system looks fake, we think the most important is it can avoid ordering wrong density. Different factory may use different density chart, we also developed our own density, it is made with real human hair, single knoted on a lace material.

This density chart ring is ready to ship. It includes the following 7 different densities:

Extra light: Is way too thin
Light: This is an extra light density, will show your scalp when parted.
Medium light: This hair density is like thin hair and will show your scalp when parted. It is a good option for most of aged people, looks very natural.
Medium: This hair density is the regular hair density of most toupees/wigs on the market, today.
Medium heavy: This hair density is a normal wear, suitable for a woman in their twenties, their thirties or even their forties.
Heavy: This hair density is a little bit too heavy for normal wear.
Extra heavy: It is really too heavy for a hair replacement system, looks artificial, so we don’t recommend this density.

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