Duplication Repair

If you are currently using a hair system bought from another supplier and looking for a more affordable price, feel free to send it to us. Using your existing system as a guide, we can not only measure the size, but also ascertain other custom specifications such as: hair density, hair direction, curl & wave, color, etc. We can use this information to make the same system in higher quality. We can not only replicate these details precisely and apply them to your new hair system, but also (if you prefer) can use your old system as a template for sizing and make any changes you like.

Why choose our replication service?

  • Fast and hassle free

    Simply send us your current or spare system. We replicate the hair length, color, style, base design, size material etc. 6-8 weeks later, you will receive a brand new system with all details exactly the same as the current one you use.

  • Flexibility

    We welcome you to make any changes you like to the unit such as base material, color, density, hair length and just about anything else you can think of.

  • Convenience

    We are happy to make any arrangements to return your old system as soon as you need it. Although it is preferable to keep it during the replication process, we realize many of our clients may not want to be without their hairpiece for an extended period of time. If necessary, once we receive your current system, we will record all the information needed and keep all your details on file. We then ship your unit back to you. Future orders are then made easy by enabling you to simply click ”Re order”, your new order will be proceeded at once.

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