Duplication Repair

Asbornhair provides repair services for old hair systems. The price of a repair order depends on two things, the starting price and upgrade price.

The starting price for repairing a hair system is $99 (USD). It’s based on hair length no longer than 6”, no change of the base and regular repair service.

The upgrade price list is as below.

Upgrade ItemPrice (USD)
Refilled hair length 8" +$29
Refilled hair length 10" +$35
Refilled hair length 12" +$45
Refilled hair length 14" +$60
Refilled hair length 16" +$80
Refilled hair length 18" +$110
Refilled hair length 20" +$150
Refilled hair length 22" +$200
Replace a new front, same material as old unit +$19
Make a change for the front +$19
Rush Service +$59

For example, if you have an old hair system to repair and it needs some new 8” hair to be added, the price is $128 ($99+$29). If you also need a new front, then the price is $147 ($99+$29+$19).

What repair service covers?

  1. Professional Cleaning
    Removes glue and other residue from base.
  2. Mending base tears
    If you have PU base, we will brush on a new layer of PU.
  3. Lace front change
    Edges fray over time, replacement achieves a more natural look.
  4. Hair refill
    Loose hairs are removed and replaced with new hair that is color and density matched.


We cannot replace all the hair on the system. We replace loose hair with new hair. However, over time old hair will continue to loosen and shed.

While repair prolongs hair system lifespan, it is a short term solution. The only long term solution is to buy a new hair system.


If you have any questions about the price for repair orders, please consult our customer service team [email protected]