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*Base size:
    Front to nape:
    Ear to ear across forehead:
    Ear to ear over top:
    Temple to temple round back:
    Nape of neck:

CLICK HERE to learn how to make a template and CLICK HERE to take hair samples.

If you will fill in the dimension:

Choose topper if it’s not a full cap wig and provide the width (from left side to right side) and length (from center front to back).

If it’s a full cap, please provide the 7 measurements.
CLICK HERE to learn how to take base measurements.
If you choose to send in an old unit or a template, we will email you with our address and relevant documents as well as your order information. Please check your email after you place the order.

 Base material color:

To match your complexion, transparent, light brown and dark brown colors are available for the base material.

If you don’t choose, your system will be make in flesh color.

*Front contour:

Front contour refers to front hair line. If the front portion of your hairline loses hair, then using front Countour hair system is one of the best options to hide the baldness.Just know about your suitability and preference and you can find out the best piece for you from our wide selection of front contour hair systems.

AA is the sharpest, while C is the straightest.

A and CC are mostly ordered for men.

CC and C are mostly ordered for women.

*Hair type:

Remy hair: The best type of hair,hair roots and tips are all in order.

Indian human hair: Soft, thin and the most popular.

European hair: Fine, thin & soft, but only short hair is available. NOT available for hair longer than 6 inches.

Chinese hair: Thick,good for extremely straight texture or a spiky effect.

Synthetic hair: Kanekalon, the best quality synthetic hair.

CLICK HERE to know more details about the hair texture type .

*Hair length:

Hair length is the distance from the hair root to the hair tip.We provide hair from 4 inches to 24 inches long. CLICK HERE to learn more.

*Curl & wave:

CLICK HERE to learn more about curl and wave sizes.

*Hair density:

Choosing the correct density is one of the most essential factors to ensure your hair system looks perfectly natural. It is pointless investing in a hair system that is obvious and detectable as a result of choosing the wrong density. The simple truth is that an unnatural looking hair system can be noticed from far away.

CLICK HERE to learn more.

*Hair direction:

Customizing a hair system also involves selecting a hair style also known as hair direction. You can choose a hair style like your own or you can choose something completely new.

CLICK HERE to learn more.

*Hair color:

If you choose a hair color from our color code, please be aware there might be color difference due to different computer monitor settings.

CLICK HERE to learn more about hair colors and how to take hair samples.

If you choose to send in a hair sample or old system, we will email you with our address and relevant documents as well as your order information. Please check your email after you place the order.

 Grey hair:
  • Grey hair type:
    Grey Hair Percentage:
    • 1.Front:

Human grey is natural grey hair. It usually goes yellowish after some time.

Most people choose synthetic grey hair. It doesn’t fade or go yellowish over time. But if your grey percentage is more than 50%, we suggest you to choose human grey hair.

Yak hair is a little shinier, thicker and whiter than human grey hair.

If you need grey hair, please choose the grey hair type and grey percentage.

If you don’t choose any option for grey hair, we will make your hair system without any grey hair.

  • Highlight Color:
    Highlight Percentage:
    Highlight Distribution:

If you need highlights, it is necessary to provide the following information.

-Highlight color

-Highlight percentage

-Highlight type: highlight color evenly blended with the base hair color, or highlight color in the shape of spots/dots among the base color.

CLICK HERE to learn more.

 Bleach knots:

Bleach knots are only available on lace and fine welded mono material.

Please CLICK HERE to learn more.

 Hair Cut:
    • 1.Front

We provide a cut-in and style service after we finish your new hair system.It needs another 3 business days.

If you choose a hair style from pictures we provide, you can specify the hair length after cut-in for different areas of the hair system. If you don’t specify, we will cut to the standard length.

You can also email [email protected] to give the instructions and pictures for hair cut-in and style.


To view more detailed information on production time, please CLICK HERE.

Full Swiss Lace Hair Systems with Thin Skin for Thinning Hair


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Price $229.00

Regular Price: $298.00

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Our CBA018 hairpieces for thinning hair are great because they have a French lace front with Poly sides and back. These Swiss lace hairpieces for thinning hair are totally breathable so it’s great if you live in a warm climate. The Poly sides and back make these hairpieces for thinning hair easy to tape and clean. These mens hair pieces for thinning hair look natural because of the graduated, bleach knot single hairline. These hairpieces for thinning hair have durable double knots on the rest of the base.

The base size of these mens hairpieces are 8"x10" which can be cut smaller prior to shipment and we also provide a professional cut in service.

Below are the specifications of the product shown in the pictures for your reference:

Base Design French lace on top and front with transparent thin skin on sides and back
Base Size 8"x10"
Base Material Color Flesh
Front Contour Standard CC shape
Colors #1,#1b,#2,#3,#4,#ASH4,#5,#6,#7,#ASH7,#17,#18,#20
Hair Length 6"
Hair Density Light to Medium Light
Hair Type Indian human hair (Grey hair is synthetic)
Curl & Wave 30mm Slight Wave
Bleach Knots Bleach Knots at front hairline
Advantage Soft, feather light, breathable, durable, bleach knots on top and front makes undetectable front hairline and top view, natural looking and beautiful appearance, transparent thin skin on sides and back make it easy to attach and clean.

About Hair Cut

Besides top-quality non-surgical hair replacement systems, men’s hairpieces, and wigs, we also provide top-notch hair cutting and styling service at a small additional price of $20 USD. Wait till we tell you the best part; your French lace hair system (stock) will only take only 3 business days. You just need to send the pictures of hairstyle you like or choose one from the pictures of handsome men below. If possible, please provide the hair length you prefer after cutting so that we get the hair replacement just the way you want it.

  • Style01
  • Style02
  • Style03
  • Style04
  • Style05
  • Style06
The Top 5 Questions from the Buyer
  • 1. How To Send In Sample ?
  • We always advice our client send in the sample by express delivery like UPS, DHL, Fedex, TNT etc which is fast and reliable. As the normal mail post usually take more than 2 weeks get delivered. Once send out the package,please let we know the tracking number the very first time. So we can track the status.
  • 2. Is AsbornHair A Factory Direct Supplier?
  • Yes, AsbornHair factory is based in Qingdao, China, all hair replacement systems are made there and shipped directly from our factory by express delivery.
  • 3. How Long Will My New Hair System Last?
  • There always have a balance between Appearance and Durability.Our products have a lifespan ranging from 1 month to over 1 year. You can filter the styles by lifespan in the left column of this page. Most people want a hair system that will provide the most natural, undetectable appearance possible. If this sounds like you, your choice is simple, full lace hair bases are the way to go. If you're looking for a base that will last a really long time and be durable, this is also an easy decision. You should be considering a conventional hair base system.
  • 4. How Soon Can I Get The Hair System ?
  • For a custom made order: Standard time: 5-7 weeks. Rush service: Would be 4-5 weeks For Stock systems Once we confirmed your payment and shipping information, we will ship the order right away. (Usually within 48 hours)
  • 5.How to place orders with you?
  • It's so easy:
    -- Send in a template and sample(s) (strongly recommend) Or
    -- Send in an old unit to duplicate a new one (The quickest way). You can even specify changes in base material, hair color, hair density, etc. Click here to fill the order form.
    -- Send in an old unit as a template reference.
    -- Order online: Have nothing to send in? Just want a place an online order? Click this link to fill the order form.

Customer Reviews ( 2 reviews )

Review by: F*********r
Love love love great hair, just had to do a light co wash before applying the hair but still great texture.
Review by: C*************t
Excellent hair system, it matched with my own hair. No one ever notice I wear the toupee.

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