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Adding grey hair to the hair system:

Grey hair in the hair system give natural and original look to your hair system. When you are of the bit older age then adding the grey hair would give kind of real look to the hair system.

If originally your hair have the grayness than you can easily add the percentage of grey hair in your hair system so that you will look of your age. If you want grey hair in your system mention the percentage clearly.

Grey hair percentage: what is it?

It means that what amount of grey hair you demand in whole of your hair system is the percentage of grey hair. Grey hair can be added in the top, front, sides, back, temple areas to give a real look. Generally, people demand for grey hair in the sides of the hair system.

  • 10% Grey Hair10%
  • 20% Grey Hair20%
  • 30% Grey Hair30%
  • 40% Grey Hair40%
  • 50% Grey Hair50%
  • 60% Grey Hair60%
  • 70% Grey Hair70%
  • 80% Grey Hair80%
  • 90% Grey Hair90%

In case you have decided to send us the samples of your hair than do not bother to send us the grey hair percentage but if you are using the chart for the hair color sample than definitely we will send you a percentage chart as well. Return the chart back to us when you are done with it.

Synthetic or human hair?

When you choose grey hair in your system, the biggest doubt is to choose the human or synthetic hair. But, in that case it is better to go for human hair as they look natural and real in sunlight also.

Why both human and synthetic hair in system?

The blend of both human and synthetic hair system can be used in the hair system because human hair tends to fade color easily and the synthetic hair never gets dyed easily. And, the blend can give more of real appearance to the hair system.

Query Example?

I have both brown human and grey (hair system), but the recent visits to beach has lead to fading of my hair color. What is the possible solution for such problem of blended human and synthetic hair?

Solution: The problem is critical but it has solution, for synthetic grey hair you can put the color – resistant grey color and for human brown color you can always use the normal brown color for your hair.

Remember, adding grey percentage will add much more realistic touch to your hair system.