Duplication Repair

Our hair systems designed with bleach technique are absolutely amazing. They look pretty natural in every aspect. They hide the hairline completely, and seem as of growing naturally from the scalp. They are 100% undetectable.

Bleached knots wigs are engineered using latest technology. After the knots are tied to the wig’s base the system is passed through a bleaching process. This removes away color from the knots, leaving them virtually invisible/ translucent, which makes it appear as if its growing form the scalp.

Bleaching is one of the best ways to eliminate the signs of those ugly knots from the hair system.

Bleached knots enhance the goodness of the hair system. There are many people who prefer having knots towards the front countour. With bleached knots hair system, one can have artificial front hairline.

At Open the wind you can find a number of bleached knots hair systems. Just define your preference and choose from our wide selection of the variety. We provide the best and high quality bleach knots that intend to give a “wow” look to the wearer.

With Asbornhair, you have the option of having bleached knots either just around the perimeter or the parting area, or throughout your hair system if you have a lighter hair density.