Duplication Repair

Asbornhair has stock hair systems that can be shipped out immediately. A lot of hair colors are available. Below is the price list.

Product CodeProduct NamePrice (USD)
ST001 Super thin skin stock hairpieces $169
SV002 Ultra thin skin V-looped stock hairpiece $159
SV003 Super thin skin V-looped stock hairpiece $169
SI004 Super thin skin injected stock hairpiece $199
SIC06 Fine Welded Mono Base Single Strand Single Knotted Human Hair Stock Hair System $169
SF005 Full French Lace Medium Density Stock Hair System $179
SQ008 French lace front with poly side and back stock hairpiece $179
SV010 Fine Mono with Thin Skin and Lace Front Stock Hair System $169
SB011 Fine mono with poly perimeter and cut away back design stock pieces $169
SH009 Mono with Thin Skin Perimeter Off Black Hairpieces for Men $169
SA007 French Lace with Super Thin Skin Hair Piece for Men $169
SM014 French Lace with PU Perimeter and Folded Lace Front Stock Men's Toupee $169
SBA18 Swiss Lace with Thin Skin Hairpieces for Thinning Hair $179
SS017 All Swiss Lace Hairpieces For Men $179

If you buy two or more of the same hair system at a time, you enjoy a discount. The discount depends on the quantity that you order. For more detailed information, please consult our customer service team [email protected]