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Hair color is one essential factor to choose when you are trying to get the best hair system for yourself and that is why how to get the best colored hair system we are providing you with the two definite tips to choose hair color:

Method 1st: send us your own hair samples:

The best way is to get the same colored hair so that it will be a complete natural look for you. Natural hair color will not look odd and also it will be same as your own hair that will make it better.

In case the your hair color is symmetric on whole head than bother to send us a single piece if sample with 100 to 200 hair strands which will make it easier for us to create a hair system. But if the hair color is not of same texture than send the samples according to the following patches:

  • Front bangs, in case if it is possible.
  • Top of the middle part of upper head if possible.
  • The highest peak of head that is crown.
  • Temple hair at the extreme front side.
  • Side bangs above the ear.
  • The extreme lower part of your back head.


  • Do not send the picture samples because than it becomes difficult to identify the exact hair color with the picture.
  • Also, name the hair samples properly so there is no confusion regarding the hair samples.

Method 2nd: use color rings or swatches:

We have different color samples in form of rings and swatches. So, in case if you want we can send you the chart of color ring with the approximately 63 swatches. We will send you the chart with our shades and you have to choose the color which suits you and your hair well.

The samples shall be checked with due diligence in and under both natural and artificial light so you can know the exact shade. Also, once you are done, return us the chart and we will refund the amount to you.


You might have shade chart of other companies, do not try to compare with ours because the hair samples are completely different and you will have to face the issues later.

Method 3rd: use color images:

If the above both tests are not useful for you and you are too lazy to try them than easiest way out is to use the color images that will help you to choose the best hair color for your hair system. Just send us two to three near to exact samples and we will help you with best hair system for you.


The color tray for the convenience of the customers is put on the website but there can always be a difference because of the change in the brightness of the monitor , so in case if you have any issues check and also in this case the guarantee will not be on us completely.

Females also can use the male human color board chart, there is no difference.

Do you want to change the color of your hair system?

One gets bored with the same color so definitely for a change one can always change the hair color. But, which color will go with your personality and look is difficult to judge and in such situations one can always rely on few techniques that can help to choose the right hair color. The first thing or pointer which can help to choose the right hair color is whether you are warm blooded or cold blooded. If you know that exactly it becomes quite easy.

Identifying warm blood is easy as people with the green veins and also who tends to get tan easily are generally people with warm blood. Such people have dark brown, golden or olive eyes while people with cold blood have blue veins and green eyes. In fact to choose the color shades for clothes and other accessories this formula is used to get the right and appropriate shade so that no mistake is there.

Before you order a hair system:

Some, important points to consider before you are making investment in any hair system:

  • A photo is not the real sample of your hair color, understand.
  • The exact hair color of your original hair can be best determined in the sunlight.
  • Always, know the importance of your natural hair in the transplanted hair systems because that will only help in the replacement of original looking hair system.
  • Use either of our ways mentioned above to get the right hair color for your hair system.
  • Age factor is very important and so it can best determine your natural hair color.

After considering above points you can always choose the right hair system for yourself.