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Do you want to wear your hair system the moment you receive it? Do you want to have a satisfying hair cutting and styling service at the low price of $20? Order with Asbornhair to enjoy our world class service.

There are a range of hair styles with different looks for you to choose. If you have a hair style you like you are welcome to share it with us. If you want to have your hair system cut by us you’d better send in pictures of your hair style or choose one style from the pictures on our website. Rest assured our stylist is a professional.

Below are pictures of hair styles cut and styled by our professional stylist.

Different bases are used for different hair styles. Hair systems including: full French lace, Swiss lace, welded Mono and super thin skin base with V-looped hair are all able to be styled freely. All hair styles pictured on our website can be matched to any of these base designs. The inject system and the PU perimeter system have some limits, they do not suit brush back hair styles like Style02,Style03 and Style06.

Please remember to give tell us what hair lengths you want for different areas after cut in.

1 Front 2 Top
3 Crown 4 Back
5,6 Temples 7,8 Sides

If you choose one of the haircuts and don't specify the hair length for different areas, we will cut the hair to the default length shown as below:

  • Style01
  • Style02
  • Style03
  • Style04
  • Style05
  • Style06