Duplication Repair

Are you a salon or hair stylist? Does your company offer hair replacement systems?

If yes, Asbornhair want to hear from you! Join us in a mutually beneficial collaboration.

We would like you to send us before and after photos and/or videos of your clients wearing a hair replacement system. We also welcome interviews with clients who wear a hair replacement system.

Why Do We Need You?

We recognize that showing potential customers the dramatic impact of wearing a hair replacement system is the best way to showcase our products. A good hairpiece can fundamentally transform the wearer’s appearance, give them back lost confidence, boost self-image and change their lives! Providing potential customers with real life before and after photos, videos and interviews of existing clients allows them to see first hand, the huge difference it can make to their lives.

We need you to help provide us with real life examples of people who wear a hairpiece. Our aim of this partnership is to provide our potential customers with a better understanding of hair replacement systems in general. We will show those who suffer the anguish of hair loss, the enormous benefits of wearing a hairpiece.

What Can We Offer You In Return?

As a Asbornhair associate, you get to buy our products at our discounted wholesale price.

We promote your salon on our website as our specialist recommended salon for cutting and other hair maintenance services in your region.

We can provide you with a detailed production consultation, allowing you to gain an in depth understanding of the production process. The knowledge you will gain will be of great interest to your clients.

We at Asbornhair pride ourselves on providing exceptional products and service. Entering into a relationship with us will mean that if it's not already, Asbornhair will be the number one choice for you and your clients.

If you are interested in becoming a Asbornhair System Associate, or would like more detailed information, please contact us to discuss this exciting opportunity further.